50th Annual Midwest U.S. - Japan Assoc. Conference

Next week, Governor Pete Ricketts will host U.S. and Japanese business and government leaders at the 50th Annual Midwest U.S.-Japan Association (MWJA) Conference in Omaha.  Each year, the conference attracts about 400 U.S. and Japanese business executives, and will highlight the strong relationship between Japan and Midwestern states.  This year, the conference takes place September 9-11, 2018.

Highlights from the conference will include trade officials from the Trump administration as well as a dozen governors from American states and Japanese prefectures.  The conference is only open to registered participants.  It will be hosted at the Hilton Omaha located at 1001 Cass Street in Omaha.   More information regarding the conference can be found here.  

Information provided by Gov. Pete Ricketts Office. 


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