Women Landowners Invited To Learning Circle

Women non-operator landowners who are working with beginning farmers are invited to a free Women's Learning Circle hosted by the Center for Rural Affairs.

The event is set for Tuesday, Aug. 21, 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Lincoln Community Health Endowment, 250 N. 21st St., Lincoln, Nebraska.

Attendees will learn about how to look at areas of risk, learn to communicate with their operators, and will be able to ask questions about the operation. The topics covered include goal-directed land management, financial risk management, grazing, conservation practices, and farm diversification.

“We're gathering to learn about plans you've put in place, and if you've attended our earlier learning circles, what you've learned or plan on implementing,” said Sandra Renner, project specialist for the Center for Rural Affairs. “Women non-operator landowners who own more than 40 acres, may have inherited farmland, or are feeling overwhelmed with the decisions of farmland management will find this event especially helpful.”

In addition, attendees have an opportunity to to get feedback on their plans or hear ideas from other women landowners. More information will also be available on how to connect with individual advising on legal, financial, or other areas of risk.

“We encourage women landowners to come with their questions and feel free to learn from other women in the learning circle,” Renner said. “And, we’ll have experts on hand to help with some of the topics the learning circle wants to discuss.”Lunch will be provided. Registration is required by Aug. 15. Contact Sandra Renner at sandrar@cfra.org or 402.320.3444. Visit cfra.org/events for more information.

Information provided by the Center for Rural Affairs. 


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