Cong. Bacon Visiting Omaha's Whispering Roots

Award-winning Whispering Roots, Inc., will be visited by Congressman Don Bacon and Salud Carbajal  during a bipartisan exchange to learn about urban agricultural opportunities.

Whispering Roots is a non-profit that utilizes newer agricultural techniques and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.) education to bring healthy fresh food, nutrition and education to students and residents living in socially and economically under-served communities. In addition to learning about innovative methods for growing food year-round, Rep. Bacon and Carbajal will learn about the economic, educational and environmental benefits of urban agriculture.

The visit will take place at Whispering Root’s new 18,000 square foot education and food production headquarters in the 75 North Redevelopment Project. With a goal to break the cycle of poverty and community deterioration 75 North focuses on creating healthy, sustainable, mixed-income communities by building thriving schools, recreational facilities, and other amenities to attract new public and private investment to the area.

Rep.’sBacon and  Carbajal will visit the headquarters of Whispering Roots, Inc., located in the 75 North Redevelopment Project, where they will learn how urban agriculture, aquaculture and hydroponics can break the cycle of hunger and poverty.  They will tour the facility on Sunday starting at 2 p.m..   Whispering Roots is located at 2112 N. 30th Street in Omaha.   

Information provided by Congressman Don Bacon's Office 


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