21 Iowa Senators Stand Up For Farmers

Twenty-one Iowa State Senators are asking President Donald Trump to protect Iowa farmers, businesses and communities as he makes trade policy changes.

Benefits of your plan to impose new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. It’s clear to most observers that the inevitable retaliation to proposed tariffs will have a negative impact on Iowa’s agricultural economy by causing other countries to levy burdensome tariffs against Iowa farm products.”

Senator Rita Hart of rural Wheatland wrote the letter and invited all Senators to sign it.

“My husband and I farm near Wheatland. We know firsthand that mistakes in trade policy can have severe consequences on Iowa farmers, small businesses and rural communities,” said Hart, the former chair of the Senate Economic Growth Committee.

The letter noted that “Iowa is the second largest agricultural export state, shipping $14 billion of products abroad last year.” It also drew attention to the fact that proposed U.S. tariffs increasing the cost of imported steel would also hurt Iowa manufacturers. The letter specially mentions Sukup Manufacturing in Sheffield, Iowa. The plant there has 600 Iowa employees and uses 1 million pounds of steel each week to make grain bins and dryers.

The letter was signed by every Democratic member of the Senate and by Independent Senator David Johnson.

Information provided by the Iowa State Senate. 


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