Gov. Ricketts Hosts Canada’s Deputy Ambassador

Today, Governor Pete Ricketts hosted the Deputy Ambassador from Canada, Kirsten Hillman.  Ambassador Hillman is visiting Nebraska for the CME Symposium of the Yeutter Institute titled “Changing Governments, Changing Trade: Impacts from Global to Local.”  

Canada was Nebraska’s third-largest export market in 2016.  Total exports from Nebraska to Canada in 2016 equaled an estimated $1.2 billion.  There are 33 Canadian-owned companies who employ 4,863 people in Nebraska.  Governor Ricketts recently visited Canada on a trade mission to thank them for being one of Nebraska’s best customers and to highlight the importance of the North America Free Trade Agreement to Nebraska’s agriculture economy.  While there, he met with numerous government officials and business leaders.  Governor Ricketts also met with leaders from Agri-Plastics, who subsequently decided to establish their first American production facility in Sidney.

Information provided by Gov. Ricketts Office.  


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