Ricketts Takes The Reins At Trail Riding Expo

This weekend, Governor Pete Ricketts joined Nebraskans in Elkhorn to celebrate “Nebraska Horse Trail Riding Week,” which was observed the week of March 5th.  The Governor rode horseback alongside expo participants and spoke to attendees following the first day’s events. 

“Horses and horseback riding are deeply rooted in Nebraska’s heritage,” said Governor Ricketts.  “Since the time of Nebraska’s First People and the pioneers who broke the prairie sod, horses have played a key role in the life and development of our state.  Today, horseback trail riding contributes to building the quality of life Nebraskans enjoy.  Trail riding also attracts Americans from across the nation, who come to experience the beauty of Nebraska’s great outdoors.” 

This year, the Horse Trail Riding Expo was held March 10th-11th, 2018.  Attendees were treated to lessons such as horse trail maintenance, trail horse conditioning, and long distance trail riding on the first day.  The second day covered topics such as building confidence, Dutch oven cooking, and mountain riding.

Information provided by Gov. Pete Ricketts Office 


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