Local Peafowl Experts Taking Extra Care In Cold

December 2017 & January 2018 will not only go down in the weather records books for lowest temperatures in the state of Iowa in many decades, It will also go down as affecting availability of breeding stock that produce most of the nations peacock hatching eggs.

The Peacock Information Center, peafowl.com operated by Dennis Fett (AKA Mr. Peacock) and his wife Debra Buck (AKA Mr. Peacock) is/was the largest supplier of hatching eggs for peacocks since 1990. The Peacock Information Center lost the majority of their breeding stock due to the devastating EF2 Tornado in 2014.

Fett & Buck have been working hard to re-build their peacock breeding stock and were almost back to pre-tornado numbers until December 2017 and January 2018 when record below zero temperatures with two weeks of below zero temperatures caused the demise of the majority of their breeding stock.

The couple has also heard from many people around the USA wanting to purchase adult birds for replacement of their birds that they lost to the same conditions. This is going to create a major shortage and a huge price increase in the USA for people wanting to have peacocks on their farm/ranches.

It will also take three years at best for the nation to build up the peacock breeding stock from this devastating prolonged below zero arctic plunge.

According to Fett, “ it’s really hard to lose your favorite peacocks after taking such good care of them from eggs to adulthood in all sorts of Iowa weather conditions over the last 37 years”. Fett also goes on to say, ”I did not give up after the tornado in 2014 and I will not give up after this severe winter weather loss, I’m here for the long run”.


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