Mighty Earth Calls For Clean Food & Water

On November 20, Mighty Earth’s “Clean it Up, Tyson!” campaign will bring together dozens of community members for the Cleaner Food Now forum, a panel discussion about the meat industry’s contribution to water and climate pollution. More than 900 concerned Omahans and 25 local organizations have signed letters calling on Tyson Foods, the biggest meat company in America, to reduce its environmental footprint by requiring more sustainable growing practices throughout the company’s supply chain.

The panel discussion will feature Graham Christensen, the president of GC Resolve, secretary of the Nebraska Farmers Union and a key leader in the fight against Costco’s proposed chicken plant in Fremont. Additional speakers include state Sierra Club conservation chair George Cunningham, Nebraska Communities United organizer Randy Ruppert, and environmental activist Janece Mollhoff. 

The event will be Monday, November 20th at the UNO Community Engagement Center, Room 201.  That is located at 6400 South, University Drive North in Omaha.  Those attending can use Parking Lot E for spaces reserved by Mighty Earth.  

For more information contact Michael Greenberg, Mighty Earth organizer at michael@greencorps.org <mailto:michael@greencorps.org>,  or by calling (240) 421-9894. 


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