Farmer's Business Network New E-Commerce Platform

Farmer's Business Network, Inc. is modernizing the way farmers shop with a new e-commerce platform designed and engineered exclusively for agricultural inputs. FBN members can now search for, compare, and buy thousands of input products online. The site, which was developed with extensive input from farmers, offers transparent, national pricing and a wide selection of both generic and brand name herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, adjuvants, seed, and fertilizer.

This new online shopping experience is a part of FBN Direct™, which negotiates directly with manufacturers and other suppliers to bring savings on inputs to farmers’ bottom lines. “FBN Direcis bringing more competition and choices for farmers, helping them find the right products for their fields at great prices, no matter where they farm,” said Kurt Tsuo, General Manager of FBN Direct.

With a few clicks, farmers can search across an unbiased selection of thousands of products. Within products pages, they are able to view more in depth pricing, including the range of prices paid by members across the country, and full product labels. They can also use the site’ simple comparison tool to evaluate products that use the same active ingredient. The tool automatically accounts for differences in concentrations of active ingredients to allow for quick apples-to-apples comparisons. With one click, members can add products to a shopping cart, and complete a checkout flow designed specifically for farmers.

“Farmers will be able to save both time and money shopping for their inputs online with FBN Direct,” said Tsuo. “Having the ability to easily search and compare a wide selection of products will help farmers make the best decisions for their farms and maximizing their profits.”

Farmers are looking forward to the opportunity to take control of their input shopping experience.


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