Iowa Factory Farm Fight Continues

Earlier this week, two dozen CCI members and factory farm fighters gathered in Webster City to discuss a plan to pressure Jeff Hansen, owner of Iowa Select, to withdraw his applications for 19 new factory farms.

“We can’t just roll over and let Jeff Hansen devastate our communities, land, and water with these factory farms. Why does he think it’s okay to do that?” said Rita Vanderheiden, a CCI member from Woolstock who attended the meeting. “We need to get organized and use our voice. The system is rigged against everyday Iowans, so it’s going to take a lot of people power to stop this.”

This morning, the Franklin County Board of Supervisors recommended denial of Iowa Select’s 5,000-head factory farm proposal based on incorrect separation distances. The remaining 13 applications that require construction permits will have public hearings between November 6 and November 14. Dates, times, and locations for these applications can be found here

Community members who are concerned about Iowa Select’s factory farm inundation should attend upcoming public hearings and call on their supervisors to recommend denial of the applications.

“We have to tell our supervisors to recommend denial of these applications, but we also have to think outside the box. We know that DNR and legislators don’t have our back,” said Shannon Walker, a CCI member from Clarion. “Ultimately, Jeff Hansen has the power to withdraw these applications. We don’t want them. We need to tap the brakes on factory farms.”

Iowa Select’s proposed hog factories would add nearly 90,000 more hogs to Iowa and generate an estimated 36.7 million gallons of manure each year - enough manure to fill 55.6 Olympic-size swimming pools - on top of the 22 billion gallons of manure already applied annually in the state. The vast majority of applications are in counties surrounding the new Prestage slaughterhouse: Hamilton, Webster, Wright, Humboldt, Franklin, Palo Alto, Dallas, and Bremer counties.


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