Urban Chicken Farmers Still Need Permits

For those planning to raise chickens in their backyard in Douglas County, a domestic animal permit is needed.  

There is no charge for the permit which applies mostly to fowl, but other domestic animals also fall under the ordinance. Permits are issued for a period from January 1 to December 31 and must be renewed annually during January. They may be revoked for noncompliance.

“Urban farming is a welcome growing trend in our county,” Health Director Dr. Adi Pour said. “These statutes exist to promote sanitary conditions and animal well-being.”

To receive a permit the applicant needs to be familiar with the relevant codes and agree to maintain the animals in a humane manner.

Permit applications can be printed off the Douglas County Health Department’s website. Go to the Home column on the left side of the page, put your cursor on Healthy Living and then click on Permits & Applications when the menu appears. You then can click on “Application for Domestic Animal Permit” and print it from your computer.


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