Thank A Dairy Farmer - July Is Natl. Ice Cream Month

July is National Ice Cream Month and what better way to cool off in the summer than by eating ice cream. Here are some of the cutest local ice cream venues Nebraska has to offer for some sweet relief from the July heat.

Along with the exceptional treats each of these stores provides, they also give visitors a taste of Nebraska whether it be through local ingredients, historical artifacts or the Midwestern way of life and hospitality.“Road trips are always a great way for families to make memories and food, especially any kind of ice cream treat, always brings people together,” said John Ricks, Nebraska Tourism executive director.

Ted and Wally’s is an ice cream parlor with two locations in Omaha. Starting all the way back in 1984, they certainly have had plenty of time to perfect their high-quality homemade ice cream with fresh ingredients. The ice cream is made completely from scratch and they offer a wide variety of flavors including vegan, frozen yogurt, sherbet and paleo options.

Ivanna Cone is a family owned and operated handmade ice cream shop located in Lincoln’s Haymarket. The constantly rotating flavors of ice cream, sherbet and sorbets combined with the classic old-fashioned soda shop look is sure to create a unique experience for you every time.

eCreamery Ice Cream & Gelato, another local favorite in Omaha creates ice cream, creates sorbet and gelato flavors based on what you want. Create your own flavor and order online or in-store and enjoy your very own and original ice cream.

Coneflower Creamery is an artisan ice cream store in Omaha dedicated to incorporating farm-fresh and local ingredients in their sweet treats. Their flavors are based on what is in season at the time so you know it’s always a fresh cone of high-quality ice cream.

Cheri O’s is a coffee house and ice cream parlor in Ashland. It provides a meal of soup and sandwiches with hand dipped ice cream and coffee for dessert. They also provide two themed party rooms perfect for small gatherings and special occasions.

Open since 1977, Springfield Drug, in Springfield is one of the last old-fashioned soda fountain shops still up and running. It serves a variety of ice cream sodas, shakes and malts along with many other treats. The building itself was once a bank and incorporates the bank vault along with antiques to give visitors a nostalgic and unique experience.

The Hub is a retail store, coffee shop and soda fountain located in a historic General Store in Burwell, built in 1906. It offers an array of handmade products along with coffee, soda and ice cream. Enjoy browsing through antiques while snacking on an ice cream cone.

The Cody Park in North Platte offers highly rated ice cream at the concession stand. Grab a cone of some delicious soft serve ice cream and explore the Cody Park Rides and animal enclosure that shows animals in a natural setting.

The Settlers Trading Post, located at the base of Chimney Rock, gives visitors a look at where settlers stopped along the Oregon Trail. You can stop by and have some ice cream in a homemade waffle cone and explore historical attractions like Fort Robinson, Carhenge and the Agate Fossil Beds.

The Chocolaterie Stam was originally established in Europe in 1913. It is known for making Dutch gourmet chocolate, but it also provides rich gelato with a variety of flavors. Stop in Papillion and experience a European chocolate and ice cream store.

The Bluebird serves up signature ice cream representing the history of Brownville. Guest can also enjoy artwork, music and antiques. Along the Steamboat Trace Trail, this is a cyclist-friendly ice cream shop. 

Information is from a news release from the Nebraska Tourism Commission.  


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