How Nebraska Ranks As Earth Day Nears

The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970.  It has become a worldwide event with more than 193 countries now participating in protecting the environment.  The personal finance website WalletHub took a closer look at Earth Day statistics and broke certain issues down state-by-state to determine the most Eco-friendly.  They compared all 50 states using 20 key metrics to show the current health of the environment and how this impacts the life of residents.  Those metrics included clean drinking water, nutritious sustenance to the amount of money spent to support the environment. 

Their study shows that Nebraska ranks in the bottom ten when it comes to steps taken to preserve the environment.  Nebraska's overall ranking came in at 44th with Iowa a few steps higher on the list at 38th.  With 25 being the average, Nebraska came in 33rd when it comes to water quality and 32nd in recycled municipal solid waste.  When it came to the LEED certified buildings per-capita, Nebraska ranked 49th and gasoline consumption in gallons per-capita at 31st.  Regarding methane emissions per-capita, Nebraska ranked 46th and for nitrous-oxide emissions per-capita at 45th.  In climate change contributions, Nebraska came in at 47th and for Eco-friendly behavior risks  at 40th.

According to WalletHub's survey, Wyoming, Montana, West Virginia, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Louisiana ranked lower than Nebraska.  The most Eco-friendly states are Vermont, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington and Connecticut. 

For a look at WalletHub's complete report click here


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