New UNMC simulation center will help patients in rural and urban areas

A groundbreaking ceremony was held today on the campus of the University of Nebraska Medical Center for the new Global Center for Advanced Interprofessional Learning. UNMC Chancellor Dr. Jeffrey Gold says this $118.9 million health center simulation center is to provide learners with hands-on experience in realistic environments.

Dr. Gold says, "“Through the iEXCEL Global Center we will change the way young women and young men acquire new knowledge and new skills in the area of health care. It will change the way practitioners across the state, the region, the country and the world will acquire new skills and change the way they practice. And we’ll be able to reach out to rural and urban communities alike to provide world-class educational programs that will raise the bar on the quality of care, enhance patient access and create a more efficient and effective health care system and as a result of it.”

The Global Center will feature a wide range of health care settings including emergency departments, operating rooms, procedure rooms and even a home care unit. There is also a holographic theater that can produce extraordinary virtual images. This is a first of its kind laser based 3-D, Five sided virtual immersive reality environment with head-mounted displays, interactive touch screen walls and surgical simulation. 

This will benefit students and health professionals statewide since it will connect to a statewide network of simulation facilities and some clinical sites.

This is located near 42nd and Emile Street in Omaha.


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