The Smell Of Money - Omaha Stockyards Museum Exhibit

The newly formed nonprofit organization, the South Omaha Museum is presenting its first exhibit, The Smell of Money:  South Omaha's Livestock Industry, which showcases the rapid development of the livestock industry that once occupied south Omaha.  Gary Kastrick is the curator of the exhibit and a former Omaha South High School history teacher and started the idea of a museum there working with his students. 

Museum spokesman Marcos Mora says, "He has got some wonderful items.  He has got one of the original pens from the stockyards.  We've got that set up with a lot of artifacts and photos that go way back."  It also features a scale model of the stockyards in its heyday. 

Mora says the next exhibit will be in conjunction with the Cinco de Mayo event on May 3rd.  In June, with the College World Series, there will be a focus on sports.  

There is an opening reception of the South Omaha Museum today from 5 to 8 p.m.  It is free and open to the public.  The museum It is located at 2313 M Street.  


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