Nebraska poultry producers urged to increase bio-security due to avian influenza outbreaks in Tennessee

A second case of avian influenza has been reported at a commercial poultry facility in Tennessee.  Officials with USDA says this second outbreak is of the "low-path" variety of influenza but can mutate into the highly pathogenic avian influenza This follows an outbreak at another facility in Tennessee where 73,000 chickens were destroyed.  The Nebraska Department of Agriculture reminds poultry producers here to review their biosecurity measures now to insure a healthy flock.  

Director Greg Ibach says, "Nebraska has large commercial poultry operations and small backyard poultry flocks all over the state.  So, biosecurity and healthy poultry flocks are important to us all." 

NDA reports that local, state and federal agencies will be working together to monitor the health conditions of poultry in Nebraska and producers pay attention to outbreaks in other areas of the country.  

There was a large outbreak of avian influenza in 2015 that impacted more than 70 poultry producers in Iowa.  There was also an outbreak in Dixon County, Nebraska that impacted about a half-dozen producers.  

The NDA asks that all poultry producers report cases of sick birds or unusual deaths to state or federal officials.  NDA's number is 877-800-4080.  USDA can be contacted by calling 800-536-7593.  


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