Ian Swanson

Ian Swanson

A fourth-generation Nebraskan, Ian was born and raised in Omaha. He graduated from Millard North High School and the esteemed Hillsdale College (you heard Rush Limbaugh talk for years about Hillsdale). Ian and his wife, Narel (a former basketball player from Brazil) just welcomed their first child this summer (a son, Theo) and are committed to our community for the long haul as they raise a family here. ‘The Ian Swanson Show’ is about Omaha, our state, and the issues — good or bad — affecting our lives. He will reflect Nebraska values and won’t be afraid to ask the tough questions, even among the leaders with whom he has worked as a campaign volunteer, Congressional staffer, as one who himself ran for legislature, and – most recently – with the Nebraska Farm Bureau. The son of two worship leaders, Ian is a talented musician who is enjoys reading books on theology and history in his spare time. He and his wife are active in their local church community and love all things Huskers.


College Football Superconferences

After the bombshell news that UCLA & USC are joining the Big Ten Conference in 2024, I put together a map showing what the two superconferences could end up looking like.

I think Stanford and Notre Dame would be likely candidates for the next two expansion slots for the Big Ten. Possibly Oregon, but I'm using KFAB Husker Insider Sean Callahan's suggestion of Stanford as a way to get Notre Dame to commit to the conference.

Under a "pod" scheduling model, the divisions (for lack of a better term) could look like this:

Big Ten Pod 1 (West)

UCLA, USC, Stanford, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota

Big Ten Pod 2 (Central)

Wisconsin, Purdue, Illinois, Northwestern, Indiana, Notre Dame

Big Ten Pod 3 (East)

Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State, Maryland, Rutgers

Check out the map below and send your comments to the show! Big Ten Superconference teams are in Green, SEC superconference teams are in Blue.

Photo: collegerealignment.com

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