Infrastructure Bill

In the wake of the "bipartisan infrastructure framework" passing into law this weekend, which split the Nebraska delegation (Senator Deb Fischer and Congressman Don Bacon voted YES, while Senator Ben Sasse and Congressmen Jeff Fortenberry and Adrian Smith voted NO) there has been tons of discussion of what is *ACTUALLY* in the bill.
This is Congressman Bacon's view:
Here’s an approximate breakdown of that new $550 billion: 

  • $110 billion for roads and bridges 
  • $105 billion to upgrade railways and existing public transit 
  •  $65 billion for rural broadband 
  • $42 billion for seaports and airports 
  • $65 billion to rebuild our crumbling electric grids (BADLY NEEDED) 
  • $103 billion to upgrade pipes and water infrastructure 
  • $50 billion to beef up the security and protection of the water and electrical systems
  • $7.5 billion for electric vehicles 

From an Omaha World-Herald story on the subject:

"Nebraska will receive about $2.5 billion to maintain and repair roads and highways. The state will also receive $216 million for two programs that provide low-interest loans for building or improving water and wastewater systems.

Nebraska is poised to receive millions more dollars to help fund other areas of critical infrastructure.

The bill includes a total of $40 billion for the nation’s bridges, $27.5 billion of which will be divided among the states based on a formula. Fischer’s office noted that of the Nebraska’s 15,348 bridges, 1,302 are classified as structurally deficient.

The bill will also send $15 billion to a federal grant program that funds improvements at U.S. airports. Earlier this year, Nebraska received more than $12 million from the program, according to Fischer’s office."

On the other hand, here are two links to stories from the conservative Heritage Foundation in opposition to the bill:

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