What Does "IMHO" Mean?

Not Everyone Thinks 'IMHO' Stands for What You Think It Does

You may think that everyone believes "IMHO" stands for what you think it does, but BuzzFeed found out that there are actually two different phrases that people believe the acronym is short for. 

When BuzzFeed asked its readers what they believe "IMHO" stands for after finding out their office was split on it, the results were that 55 percent said it stands for "in my honest opinion," and 45 percent said it's "in my humble opinion." A  mini-consensus of people commenting on Twitter seemed to form around the idea that older people who remember when IMHO started being used know that it is and has always been "humble," but that for younger Millennials and Generation Z, it's morphed into them thinking it stands for "honest." BuzzFeed's Style Guide weighed in on the side of "humble," and used the dictionary as backup:

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