Work On Your Ninja Skills, Kid

A nine-year-old boy used his ninja-like skills to disconnect a security camera that was alerting his parents to his late-night TV habits. 

All summer long, Jeremy Gabrysch and his wife have been struggling to figure out a way to keep their children from sneaking out of their beds at night to watch TV in the living room. They installed a security camera and it worked, until their son Nate decided to take matters into his own hands. 

In the clip captured by the camera, Nate can be seen crawling toward the TV, sliding himself slowly across the hardwood floor until his tiny feet disappear from the screen. 

Nate did successfully manage to disconnect the gadget, but unfortunately an alert was sent to his parents when the camera was unplugged. 


(Pulse Networks)

Gary Sadlemyer and KFAB's Morning News

Gary Sadlemyer and KFAB's Morning News

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