The Ben Sasse For President Campaign Is Beginning, And Yes, He Could Win

Since I've been 100% correct in predicting every Presidential election since Kennedy. (I was a small child) I can say to you with complete confidence that if Ben Sasse wants to be the next President of the United States, he can. Outside of the media exposing a love triangle between Sasse, Susan Rice and that Emu from the Liberty Mutual, ad's Senator Ben Sasse has a very clear path to the Whitehouse. This POLITICO STORY is a peek at what's to come.

I'll bet that somebody is in his ear because Sasse is a solid candidate and here's why; Sasse articulates conservatism better than any member of Congress and he backs it up with his actions. Sasse found Trumps style to be brutish and beneath the dignity of the office of President but, Sasse didn't let that get in the way of supporting the Trump "America First" agenda. He put you first while demonstrating his principals over and over again.

After career Washington snob Joe Biden runs out of mindless platitudes to spew while the country falls apart, Americans are going to be looking for something new. They aren't going to want Kamala and they aren't going to vote for another 70 plus year old "next man up" candidate. Sasse is the good natured, articulate, bright young guy with those very marketable "mid western values." He's a spectacular communicator, naturally media savvy and funny. His "midwestern image" will appeal to voters of all demographics and in 4 years nobody will care that he voted to impeach Trump. If he'll quit calling Nebraskans stupid conspiracy theorist people will move on from that too. People will be thinking of themselves and their families. Four years is a long time.

Oh, Sasse has good hair too. Never underestimate a good head of hair.

I must point out that my prediction depends on Republican legislatures around the country shoring up their election laws and stop the corruption of our system. Unconstitutional changes to election law that happened in 2020 can not be upheld or repeated. If Republicans don't demand election integrity, they might as well run that stupid emu in 2024. It won't make any difference.