Forget Trump; The Discussion Should Be About The "AMERICA FIRST" Agenda

Trump is gone in 11 days, and when he is gone all the anger that had been directed at Trump over the last 5 years will need somewhere else to go. That anger is not going away and those who have been living with it and living off of it will need a new target, and that target will be patriotic Americans. Basically; people suffering from "Trump Derangement Syndrome" need someone to be deranged at. The discussion has to move from Trump, to the "AMERICA FIRST AGENDA."

People seem to have forgotten that while the COVID 19 virus spread in our country, China threatened to restrict critical medical supplies from the US. Trump and the "America first" agenda is needed to make sure this can't happen in the future. Right now China produces 90% of antibiotics and this can't continue, it puts the country in peril.

Does anyone think Joe Biden will reverse this dangerous precedent?

China steals technology from US businesses costing our country BILLIONS of DOLLARS yearly.

The "AMERICA FIRST" agenda pushed back against this theft and the Biden administration is obligated to continue to do so but; does anybody believe he will?

The AMERICA FIRST agenda is what is important and it doesn't matter if it is Trump or anyone else who pushes it because AMERICA FIRST is more than a man. (or woman, or cis or whatever multiple genders people come up with) It is about security and prosperity for the American people. Stop arguing about Trump. He's gone in a few days.

What people need to be talking about is; will Joe Biden put America first? The answers can be found on Hunters laptop.