The AG Report Is Out. Let The Hysteria Begin!

Now that the AG has released his report on the Mueller report; can I have my Democrat friends back now? News Networks and members of congress should be offering their resignations right now. What Americans can clearly see is that corrupt media, members of the United States Congress and the FBI tried to overthrow the President of the United States. They should be arrested and prosecuted. THE REPORT IS HERE

Many of the members of Congress who had access to information that was not available to you and I purposely mislead the American public by claiming that there were indictments ready to go on the Trump family, Trump campaign and Trump himself. This was no accident, this was intentional. The purpose was to discredit this President, his administration and to keep the American people off balance. How many people were beaten by antifa and other extremist? How many innocent citizens have had property damaged, careers ruined, needless anxiety and stress all brought on by these mercenaries?

It is clear that this was a coup attempt. Now the question is; will Americas short attention cost them their freedom? One thing is clear; we cannot let these political and media elites blow this act of sedition off in the name of "move on and heal."

Chris Baker

Chris Baker

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