Well I Guess Convicts Are Doing It Their Own Way, Yes... Another Escape

If I may make a suggestion to the DOC; maybe you should tell the convicts that they are supposed to stay in jail. This is embarrassing, another "inmate" has decided to "walk away." Yes, I'm hearing the Corrections Director Scott Frakes calls escaped prisoners "walk aways." SEE STORY HERE

You will never get control of this situation if you can't bring yourself to call an escape an escape. I guess calling these escapes "walk aways" sounds nice but THE PEOPLE DOING THIS ARE NOT NICE PEOPLE! The nicer you are the more they will stomp all over you. It is apparent that the "Social Justice" bullies have scared politicians into denial about the people they are dealing with. I guess when one of these "walk aways" kills someone they might... oh nevermind. These miscreants we have running the show don't care about safety and we taxpayers will keep being gouged paying off and endless stream of lawsuits brought on by their malfeasance.

Chris Baker

Chris Baker

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