Enough LGBT Fear Mongering; Smollett Didn't Attack LGBT People

This is just one of the pandering, suck up articles I've read regarding "the fear of the LGBT community" after the Jussie Smollett stupidity. SEE LAZY STORY HERE

What does the LGBT community have to fear? They were not attacked and smeared... patriotic Americans were attacked and smeared. That's right, the same patriotic Americans who regularly run to the defense of the "precious" LGBT community if they are attacked yet they are constantly demonized and branded as evil and violent.

Look at the reaction to this or any of these hoaxes; Police give these cases top priority. Media goes into hyperdrive as if the world is coming to an end. Americans express sympathy, support and outrage all while the hoaxers lie and smear the same people who are rallying to their defense. I have never heard one person celebrate an attack on an innocent person because of "who they love. If you listen to the corrupt lazy media you would think that Americans were sending out inbred, violent killing machines to attack the "LGBT" darlings after a Trump sponsored pep rally with the attackers bursting through a Rebel Flag banner like it's Homecoming.

Put a sock in it.

It's the law abiding, patriotic American who is constantly under attack. The same law abiding, patriotic Americans who live by certain values that motivate them to stand up against evil. They don't care "who you love."

Chris Baker

Chris Baker

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