White Boy Tyler Pitzl Screwing Up Golden Probation

Remember Tyler Pitzl the "teen" who beat his parents with a baseball bat then shot a Douglas County Deputy? SEE STORY HERE 

Douglas County District Judge Marlon Polk ruled that Tyler Pitzl would be better rehabilitated in juvenile court. Pitzl would have faced a maximum of 220 years in prison if charged as an adult.

Soon after getting his "white privilege" deal Tyler screwed up again. STORY HERE

Well, Tyler is screwing up yet again. He is not following the Judge's order. According to Tylers sweetheart deal he is supposed to write a letter of apology. As of today, the Sheriff says he still hasn't done that. 

To remind you; Tyler Pitzl received Community service, probation, some "therapy" and was required to write a letter of apology. FOR SHOOTING A DOUGLAS COUNTY DEPUTY.  On top of that he was charged as a juvenile so the entire incident disappears once he completes his probation. If you love that, you'll love this; IN NEBRASKA THEY CAN'T EXTEND HIS PROBATION. It ends as soon as he turns 19.

Some may say; "big deal, he didn't write a letter."  It's not about the letter, it's about following the Judge's instructions which were part of his really sweet "white privilege" deal that kept him from facing 220 years in jail..

This guy shot a Douglas County Deputy after MOVING TACTICALLY DURING THE GUNFIGHT TO FLANK THE DEPUTIES. We are supposed to believe that his violent attacks that night were brought on by "concussions" and he didn't have his faculties. I guess he just accidently MOVED TACTICALLY, IN A GUNFIGHT TO KILL A DEPUTY.   

He skates on a 220 year sentence and the fool can't even write a letter. This is the "white privilege" you keep hearing about.

Chris Baker

Chris Baker

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