Paris Is Burning Because The French Have No Guns

 Paris is BURNING because the ruling elites climate tyranny is raising fuel prices so high that the French "subjects" can no longer afford to pay them. SEE STORY HERE

 The Paris Climate Accords are really working well. I sure am glad a certain President withdrew the US from this international fraud. 

These fuel price increases are being forced (at gunpoint) on the French people. Wealthy collectivist who don't have to live by the standards they set. They're imposing it on other people "for their own collective good." 

 Look at the arrogance coming from the French Government;  "Mr Macron has insisted that fuel prices have to rise in line with green initiatives made necessary by the Paris Climate Change agreement." How about that? Remember; the French Government can lawfully USE DEADLY FORCE against these people in order to impose their will. 

He said there would be ‘no possibility’ of his government backing down in the face of disturbances.


An armed citizenry keeps a government in check.

 I'm not saying that the French should take up arms against their government right now; I'm saying that having arms, allows "CITIZENS" to protect themselves against tyranny, and that can keep a Tyrant in line.

Chris Baker

Chris Baker

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