Chris Bakers New Bomb Theory; UPDATE!


 Since I've never investigated an act of terror or any kind of bombing; I believe that makes me as qualified as any of the puppet head spokesholes on TV to present a solid theory. Here's what I think is going on;

*Authorities are looking at a Florida Postal Facility as the source of the packages. STORY HERE 

 I spoke with a close friend who works for the USPS who explained to me that if a package is dropped in a box (when you go to the Post Office or a Mailbox) the package goes down the line and automatically on the conveyor belt to its destination. According to my PO friend the volume of packages does not allow the inspection most Americans think actually happens. To quote this source; "if we were to stop every suspicious package, it would collapse the system." 

My Theory;

 It is possible that this is a trial run to see how America will react. If a person wanted to damage America by sewing discontent and terrorizing the country, it would be easy for a postal employee to plant the devices within the system of distribution. It would be very easy especially if that person was employed at the facility. It is also possible that a person could have dropped them in a box as well but; wouldn't it be easier if they were employed in a postal facility? You learn the system, you just slip the packages on the belt and off they go.

 The hyper partisan atmosphere would work in the subversives favor. Look at how media and many in the political elite circles are reacting to the story. They are politicizing the story trying to score political points instead of letting law enforcement do their job. This would be a solid strategy for brewing anger and fear.

 Once their probing is complete, the real bombings could begin. Look at the way people are reacting now then imagine the reaction and finger pointing if something were to blow up.

 Who would do something like this? Any American hating subversive who believes America needs to be brought down. Pick a group.

 What do you think?  

Chris Baker

Chris Baker

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