My Thoughts On Today's Hearings; I'm Exhausted

 Today the political showdown of showdowns finally happened in Washington DC. The first thing that struck me is that it's been 10 days since Democrats brought allegations of sexual assault. I bring up the 10 days because it seems like it has been a month. 

 Ten days of escalating allegations most without any validation. Charges levied by people who threw their verbal grenades then got indignant when someone would question their authenticity.  It had to be exhausting for both Judge Kavanaugh and Dr Ford.

 I believe Judge Kavanaugh especially after his passionate defense of his name and his character. When I listened to him describe his academic history, his athletic achievements and his community service; it was so clear to me that the man was not driven to be famous. He wanted to be among the very best. Top of his class in High School. Yale Law School. Constantly working to be a better athlete. Football, basketball, running track to build speed so he would be a better player. The man was driven to be the best at everything he did.

 Hearing him choke up as he talked about his family and how his daughters prayed for Dr Ford told me that the man is a rock. I believe him 100% and trust that he will be a solid Supreme Court Justice.

 As for Dr Ford I have mixed feelings. For a time I thought she was a liar. After today I think she is an abused woman. I think she was abused at a party when she was 15 and I think she was abused since July by the same people who claim to be trying to protect her.

 For Democrats to sit on her allegations since July was selfish. Democrats treated her like a final arrow in a quiver. They sat on this information through the confirmation process and throughout the one on one interviews, knowing that they were going to drop this bomb at the last second. 

 While Judge Kavanaugh was making the rounds talking to these Senators expecting them to judge him on his qualifications; they were setting a trap. Picking legal counsel, plotting ways to delay the hearing so they could convict a decent man in the court of public opinion. They put Dr Ford, Judge Kavanaugh and above all the American people through a gauntlet of lies, manipulations and distortions that we may never recover from. Since the election of President Donald Trump, Democrats have done everything they possibly could to sew anger and dissent throughout the American people.

 There is a special place in hell for people who can be so horrible.

 I think Dr Ford was manipulated. I think she was coached. I think she was steered into her testimony today. She says she remembered it was him that abused her but; she doesn't remember much else.  

 Victims don't normally forget the details. When something supposedly effects someone for the rest of their life; the details do not fade away. Ask sex assault survivors, they'll tell you.

 What we saw today shakes me to the core. Having to listen to pundits talk about "how this will affect the midterms" and how "this will motivate voters" makes me want to drive to New York and go from network to network slapping people.

 This isn't about the next election, it' is about the future of this nation and the respect for the rule of law. It's about our character as a nation and right now our nation is under attack from an evil, diabolical menace. Whether we are Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Religious, agnostic, gay or straight; we are Americans and we certainly treat each other better than these political vipers treat us.

 We deserve better. 

Chris Baker

Chris Baker

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