Yale Park Land Grab Turning Into A Money Grab

Here come the grievance mongers to intrude on the property rights of Omaha Landlords. OTOC (Omaha Together One Community) is pushing for new and intrusive (not to mention expensive) regulations  Here's what they want;

  • Hire all of the housing code inspectors that are in the annual city budget—in eight of the last 10 years, the city has failed to actually hire all of the code inspectors budgeted. 
  • Develop a system requiring that all rental properties are registered so the City of Omaha knows which properties are rental units
  • Inspect all rental properties periodically to assure they are safe and habitable for the tenants.

Let's look at some of these. The first one regarding "hiring inspectors" I have nothing, other than to say; why would the City not hire inspectors they budgeted for? Probably racism.

 Registering all rental property with the City. Why would you do that? If a man owns his own property the last thing he needs is some nanny group of grievance mongers to "monitor" what you do with your property? It's none of their business.

Submit to regular inspections (which I'm sure will come with fees) from the City. Once again, it's none of their business. Enforce existing laws and regulations.

This is typical of "activist" to create a crisis then cast yourself as the only solution. Not only is this a land grab, it's turning into a money grab.

Chris Baker

Chris Baker

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