Enforce The Law While You Build The Wall


 This will bring immediate results. The laws are already in place so we don't need "immigration reform" we need to deal with the 'dreamers" by giving them permanent status. There I solved it, without spending a bunch of money.

 The idea of building a wall sounds great but; the reality is that there is no real timeline on when "the wall" will actually be built. All you have to do is look at the Keystone XL pipeline to see exactly what will happen even if Congress actually moves forward on "building the wall."  The Keystone XL Pipeline started in 2008 and has been stalled ever sinceUsing lawsuits, multiple "environmental studies" changes in the rout the pipeline is still only a proposal and it looks continue in perpetuity.  We can't continue to allow the political class to use this issue as a wedge. 

Remember, the real goal here is to replace freedom loving Americans with people who are easier to manage. 

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