Des Moines Register Murders Molly Tibbitts Again

 It's annoying enough to have people talk down to you like you are some king of subhuman or an idiot but; when they use a false narrative and moral relativism to marginalize the murder of an innocent girl I find it inexcusable. SEE THE SHAMELESS EDITORIAL HERE

 The Des Moines Register murdered Mollie Tibbetts a second time.  While doing it they smeared good people as racist for asking the questions that need to be ask and should be answered. 

Let's examine the way they denigrate good Americans who are only asking their government to enforce the law.

1. This is not an opportunity to demonize undocumented immigrants and Latinos in general as dangerous, violent criminals.  A relative clearly didn’t want her death to become a cause for racism.  A Facebook post from Billie Jo Calderwood reads:

*Nobody has said that ALL illegal aliens are murderers. This is a smear used by open borders myrmidons to distract from the real issue; a person who isn't supposed to be here murdered an innocent American. They even hide behind a grieving relative to push this trash.

2. Whatever this one man did was not representative of a group of millions of people, most of whom are law-abiding taxpayers who are just trying to improve life for their families.  We cannot give in to those who would twist this tragedy into a justification for bigotry and xenophobia.

*Nobody ever said this murder was representative of "millions of people" who are illegal aliens. There is no "bigotry and xenophobia." Apparently the Des Moines Register thinks you would think the murder of Mollie Tibbetts is Ok if an illegal alien from Ireland did it. 

They are not "law abiding" if they are here illegally. They are not "taxpayers" either. Nationally Illegal Aliens cost taxpayers over $88 billion dollars while the US collects a mere $3.5 billion dollars in taxes from them. Iowa Taxpayers alone are robbed of an average of $4,523 dollars per illegal alien. SEE FOR YOURSELF

3. It’s not an excuse to accelerate deportations or to turn away people seeking asylum in the United States.  President Trump and Gov. Kim Reynolds immediately blamed the broken immigration system for the tragedy. 

*Here the Des Moines Register repeats the lie that "the immigration system is broken." No... GOVERNMENT IS NOT ENFORCING THE LAW. Sanctuary Cities (ENDORSED BY THE DES MOINES REGISTER) are part of the problem. Claiming "the system is broken" is as stupid as saying "my car won't start" when you refuse to push the start button. 

 It's plain to me that the murder of Mollie Tibbetts is just the "cost of doing business" to the open borders Des Moines Register. These people are not ignorant, they are pure evil and their genocidal instincts are on full display. 

 This is all part of an agenda.

 Liberty runs in the blood of Americans and the brains behind this agenda know they can't stop, what comes naturally. The agenda is this; replace freedom loving Americans with people who are easier to manage.

 Molly Tibbetts, and any innocent American as well as any innocent illegal alien who is killed in the process is expendable. Stalin would be so proud.

 The Des Moines Register just murdered Mollie Tibbetts again.

Chris Baker

Chris Baker

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