Blame Republicans For Murder Of Mollie Tibbitts!

 The blame game has begun. Since the killer worked at a farm owned by Dane Lang who is related to Craig Lang a big shot Iowa Republican... it's apparently all Republicans fault. Don't fall for this garbage.

The illegal alien who murdered of Mollie Tibbitts passed eVerify, qualified for DACA and even had Dreamer status by my calculations. Here is a great example that shows where all of these programs are flawed. 

 The foundation of this nightmare is the fact that this killer was never supposed to be here in the first place. If you add in the feel good government programs and the fact that it's almost impossible to identify people who sneak into the country, you have a recipe for chaos.

 The soft policies stemming from cowardice and deviance of the political class put all of us in jeopardy. I'll show you on the show today.

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