The War On Thought; Internet Bait & Switch

This is a must read. When tyrants and dictators take over a population, the first thing they do is seize all forms of communication. If you can control the speech you control the narrative. Look at history and you will see that dictators do not allow criticism or any opinion that conflicts with their own despite the facts. 

 The Left’s has outsourced censorship to its Silicon Valley billionaires who laughed all the way to the bank while luring Americans into their world wide web. They got people hooked and when the internet became the communication goliath that it is now, they changed the rules. You see the first amendment or "free speech" guaranteed by the Constitution does not apply to a private business; unless it's the NFL. 

 As a "Talk Radio" host I've seen this happen over and over again. Liberalism does not survive in the arena of ideas. This is why "liberal" talk radio (Air America) failed. Eventually they run out of platitudes and have to explain the outcome or results of their social engineering based strategies. Liberals always want to be judged on their intentions not their outcomes. When their intentions prove to be the failed theories that they are; they don't want you to talk about it. That's when they move the goalpost and tell you to shut up.

 This is how communist genocide begins. Comply or die.   

Chris Baker

Chris Baker

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