Communist/Socialist Candidate Boots Media

 Democrat Socialist (communist) darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez held a public town hall meeting and the first thing she did was boot out the media. This is not surprising since she has been fact checked and exposed as either a liar or a moron numerous times since her coronation and it hasn't been pretty. Like any other socialist/communist they just silence their critics. Then they hide behind some bogus excuse like this; she wanted to provide a forum for local residents “to feel safe discussing sensitive issues in a threatening political time.” Yea, right. She should have said; "I care so much about these people, I need to be able to lie to them without being exposed."

 Notice how these banana republic dictators always base their dishonest strategies on the desire to "help the oppressed." That's how they keep power, convincing people that they can't do anything for themselves because there is some boogeyman out there who's after them. This is why the left has outsourced their oppression to Silicon Valley. 

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