Worthless Elite Snob Cuomo Speaks From His Heart

This is the typical American snob who shows his disdain for America and Americans by saying "America was never great." What is his great contribution? He rode his daddy's coattails into political power. A trust fund baby leech who spends his time spewing platitudes to people about how unfair life is while he lives like royalty. His greatest claim to fame is gay marriage and gun control... big deal. A hypocrite of the highest caliber who pushes standards for you to live by but not him. According to him you shouldn't be able to own a gun; while he lives behind armed security. He's also been linked to bid rigging scandals, interfering with ethics committees, the usual "do as I say, not as I do" liberal standard. America was never that great? Such horrible, narcissistic douche.

Chris Baker

Chris Baker

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