My Response to Senator Sasse

 Since our Senator was gracious enough to address us from his Facebook page, I will return the favor from my blog.


Your post was a treadmill of pontification. You broke a sweat and your heart rate went up but, you're still in the same place. It was more dignified than the rest of the creatures I've seen today so I guess that's a win.

 Answers instead of platitudes would have helped. In case you haven't noticed there seems to be a lack of leadership in DC. 

 Senator I agree with you that the decades of malfeasance by our leaders has created this problem but it's the lack of awareness of the consequences of this endless debate on US Citizens that is infuriating. 

 While the political class keeps yammering and looking for the best way to hyperbolize this latest border situation, the Congress is looking for an amnesty bill to pass. We of the POS class (according to certain FBI agents) are wondering; what's in all this for us? 

 Who's worried about the kids separated from their parents in this country? 

 What about the separation caused by illegal alien drivers, murderers, rapist and black tar heroin dealers? What about the separation of our national unity and patriotism because we have to fly multiple flags, and push 1 for english or have our kids education interrupted because it's time for another diversity worship indoctrination?

 What about the billions of taxpayer dollars stolen (separated) from us (the POS class) to pay for ESL teachers, government forms in multiple languages or the cost of anchor babies who's illegal parents are exploiting the welfare system? I'm not even going mention the crowded emergency rooms, jails and courts.

 What about the separation of neighbors that comes from the dishonest rhetoric and broken promises coming from our alleged leaders that has forced people to "pick sides?" 

You are an eloquent speaker as a champion of conservatism. Nobody articulates the values that makes America special better than you but somehow there's always something lacking. It's like going to the zoo and getting excited to see a lion then you stand at the cage watching while the big cat sleeps in the shade. Oh he rolls over sometimes and you think; "he's getting up" but nope. All you really see is a foot and the tip of a tail. 

 All we ask was for the law be followed and we are called stupid, racist, xenophobic, heartless, a POS, Nazi and fascist. (I could go on but I'm sure you get the point) All we ask is for you to live up to your oath.

  Senator your words of deep thought and concern would ring a lot clearer if you would detach "Sarah's Law" from whatever immigration / amnesty bill it was attached to and pass it. Right now it's withering away into the abyss of Senate blithering. Pass that into law so people can see that their government still works for them. It's passed the House... it's a piece of cake. 

It would also be a show of faith. We in the POS class could really use it right now because we've had the crap kicked out of us for several years.

 Do this instead of blathering on about a horrible situation brought on by the same parents you people are screeching about children being separated from. We've earned it.

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