Buckle Your Seatbelt, The Mullahs Are Busted


These revelations are not one bit surprising to me. Iran is a blood thirsty State sponsor of terror and has been since the Ayatollah Khomeini crawled his way back into power. Thanks Obama. Thanks for standing by silently while they gunned down their own people who tried to move into the modern era. Thanks for giving these killers pallets of cash. Just think of all the education that cash could have paid for. Thanks for letting them abuse our sailors, I'm sure that helped a lot. Thanks Hillary for handing all that Uranium to the Russians, Iran's ally. I wonder if some of that Uranium ended up in Iran. Most of all, thanks congress both Republicans and Democrats for kicking this can down the road for years. A pox on you all.

Oh by the way; Iran and N Korea have been working together for years.

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