Radical Nebraska Professors Are Dangerous

 UNL Academics at it again.

 In a sane world the University of Nebraska would be purging this great University of the dangerous radicals who (in my opinion) hate Freedom, America, Justice, Prosperity (for others not them) and Humanity in general. 

 The University is more than football and it's time Nebraskans started looking at it that way. Having radical professors out committing crimes against innocent, law abiding Americans with whom they disagree is a lot worse than not competing for a conference championship in a decade. It's embarrassing for the University and the State on a much higher level.

Does their insane radicalism stop at the classroom door?

  I know I know radicals like this are at Universities all over the country but it's no excuse for Nebraskans to lay down for these grifters who live off the backs of the same people they want to destroy. This strategy was launched years ago by scum like Bill Ayers and it was designed to fill the public with hatred and venom through education. Just look at what they've done to our schools. 

Radicals hide behind the 1st amendment while working to destroy others 1st amendment rights. 

 If these creatures worked in the real world they would have been fired a long time ago. You see in the real world, you can "express" yourself all you want... until you make the company look bad; then you get fired. But not in the phony world of academia. In the phony world of academia it's ok to lie, smear, vandalize and destroy. 

 They love to play the "we're nonviolent" card but don't be fooled. There is violence behind their acts and words and maybe these two leeches won't commit a violent act but their words do inspire it and there are violent allies.

 These radicals have launched a war against you. It's not a disagreement, it's a war plain and simple.

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