Nebraska Unicameral Thinks you Are Stupid

The leftist gate keepers apparently don't believe you should be able to choose whether or not an ID should be used to vote. These creatures must think you are stupid since you bought their line of crap and voted them into office. They don't trust you or think you're smart enough to go get your own ID. These people do not want you to vote on this issue. 

Deny you the chance to vote on a voter security issue. Stop the vote... to save the vote. Wow!

They don't trust you with your money, with your children or with your property.

From the Journal Star;

Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks of Lincoln said contrary to Murante's assertion that people in coffee shops all over the state supported implementing new voter ID rules, she had yet to hear anyone tell her it was needed.

She said the proposal was racist, costly and would suppress voter turnout.

Note to Comrade Pansing Brooks;

1. You should let Nebraskans vote, then you'll get your answer.

2. Nebraskans are racist and you need to explain yourself and apologise?

3. You need new material. Your communist rhetoric is tiresome.

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