Useful Idiots Gather In Omaha.- Posted by CB

I like safe streets too but a band of mind numbed zombies marching and ignoring facts is not going to help. I'm sure they have good intentions and I appreciate their desire for a less violent world but; how is turning law abiding citizens into criminals going to help?

Parkland Florida is a prime example of a dangerous person falling through the cracks of a lazy, politically correct government employees. Even the leftist USA Today documents the malfeasance of authorities. Despite these facts, leftist politicians and activist bent on disarming Americans push the "ban guns" message while standing on the dead. They have no problem exploiting this tragedy since people are expendable since "the ends justify the means" which is a term used to justify extreme, deceitful even illegal actions in order to achieve a specific outcome.

 Another tragic shooting in Maryland a School Resource Officer responded immediately ending the threat or; a good guy with a gun, stopped a bad guy with a gun.

This story quickly disappeared because it is inconvenient to the "disarm Americans crowd." So I have a couple questions;

1. Why can't we have an honest discussion?

2. What is your plan to disarm criminals? 

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