Hate Will Never Win? Right Now Hates Up 4-0

Hate Will Never Win? Well "hate" has a premier division 1 basketball team wearing stupid t-shirts. 

Right now "hate" is up 4-0.

1. The University issues a statement condemning hate and supporting the 1st amendment. 

2. A group of useful idiots have a campus demonstration against a guy who hasn't done anything to anybody on campus, based on a video dug up by some troll. 

If Hillary Clinton were still Secretary Of State they might have burned down his dorm.

3. The team takes a vote whether or not to boycott Rutgers then decides to wear stupid t-shirts. Hey, go ahead and boycott the game, I'll grab a bunch of guys from 24 Hour Fitness and beat Rutgers they suck. Just give us some sweet uni's and Tim Miles and we'll save you the money on dumb t-shirts.

4. The team will make a video to be played at Pinnacle Arena, insulting Nebraska fans.

Hate doesn't win? I'd say "hate" is up 4-0 right now.

Nebraskans don't need to to be lectured about "hate" or any of that social justice venom. Do you think the people buying tickets, buying gear or screaming their lungs out for your success hate you? Do you think the kids practicing daily hoping to be where you are someday hate you? 

Why would you let a bunch of commie rats play you like that? Why would you let hate win?

Platitudes and T-shirts don't end a manufactured crisis. There's always another one right around the corner. Besides if he's the "hardest working white nationalist in Nebraska; how do you know he doesn't own a t-shirt company?

Does Soros own a t-shirt company?

Chris Baker

Chris Baker

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