Jerry Lewis Last Interview Funny To Me

Jerry Lewis was performing in Las Vegas to the very end. That's because show business is in the blood and a person never wants to stop doing shows because that's what you live for. 

Jerry Lewis was a sweet and giving man but; he could be a real high maintenance jerk too. This is his last interview ever and his mood was on full display. SEE STORY HERE

As a person who interviews people I can tell you that one word answers are the worst. It kills an interview and makes the interviewer crazy because you just keep asking questions hoping to hit a nerve and get the person to talk. I can't help but laugh watching this because I've been there.

I also know Jerry Lewis knew what he was doing. He didn't want to be there, he's 90 years old and there isn't one question he hasn't been ask. I think he enjoyed it; I know I sure did.


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