The Antifa Got Their Man. Now They Can Smear Away

If the social justice communist would have acted like humans 3 people wouldn't be dead in Charlottesville. The "alt/right" would have made stupid speeches, goose stepped around the park, picked up their mess and gone home. THIS CRAZY STORY

George Soros's Black Lives Matter communist allies need a new Timothy McVeigh and they may have one; that's what they were going for today. They came looking for a fight, did their intel and had a good strategy.

America does not stand for Nazism and the mere thought that it does, should speak to the stupidity of any person speaking such nonsense.

Soro's "Antifa will always start a fight then play the victim. They bring the violence with them.

If the driver of that awesome Challenger and found to be an alt/right SS, Nazi Jackass...shoot him. Don't let the well financed BLM commie front group control the narrative and use the one dumb Nazi that is in jail (with no bond) to smear a Nation of great Americans.

Chris Baker

Chris Baker

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