Soros/Antifa/Communist Are Begging for A Fight

George Soros and his Antifa terrorist are trying to start a revolution in the United States and people should be very careful who they listen to. THIS STORY about the supposed removal of of the statue of Sam Houston which has stood in the arts district since 1925 just blocks from Rice University.

This would be a very, very stupid idea.

I have been hearing of this idea for about six weeks and it is just another piece in the Soros/Antifa/Communist conquer America strategy. Start by removing Southern Civil War memorials because of "slavery." Then move on to the Founders or any other great American hero they can connect to slavery slowly erasing the true history and install a history of pure evil. Eventually the history will be rewritten so evil that it discredits the existence of the country and the freedoms that apply to us all.

History has been written and it's wrongs by today's standards have been righted. To the Soros/Antifa/Communist they can only manipulate people by creating the image that history's wrongs are the current standard. This is why they can't pour their money and passion into fixing current problems like; education, crime, poverty, terrorism, hopelessness, homelessness and the list goes on. It's because they prescribe to an ideology that only leads to death and misery.

They have no answers and no ideas. All they know is anger and violence, that's why their ideology killed over 100 million people in the 20th century. You can see their genocidal agenda bubble up when you see them attack any black American who doesn't follow them. You see it peek out when any gay person doesn't follow them. You can see it when any woman doesn't follow them.

They are the evil. They are the slave masters.

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