No Evidence Of Russia Collusion BUT...

Good economic news is being ignored READ THE STORY HERE

I was told years ago by a respected economist that in the US there must be 250,000 jobs created a month to keep up with a growing population. People retire, people die, people enter the job market, baby's are born and the cycle of life continues. An economy has to keep track and the level (according to this economist) of job creation needs to be 250,000. 

During the Obama years we would hear the media cheerleaders talk about 100,000 or some number near that and it was celebrated as though the President himself opened all those businesses. 

To be clear, Presidents don't actually create jobs; Presidents make sure that there is a business climate that encourages job growth. People create jobs, risk takers, innovators and idealist are who create jobs.

President Trump is creating a business climate that encourages investment giving confidence to the people who make America Don't expect to hear the same amount of cheer-leading from our propaganda machine known as the news media.  

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