Nebraska Has Enough Government, That's The Problem

Maybe the Senator should work at the prison, that would be "oversight." READ STORY HERE

I wish the senators would quit trying to hug their way out of crime problems. It doesn't work and the criminal element is getting bolder, more violent and worse of all acceptable. The "hug a thug" mentality has made crime more acceptable because we keep hearing things like; "they were just about to get their life together" or "they didn't have the life you had growing up."

Years ago people who despise liberty decided to sell the masses on the idea "crime comes from a mental disorder" telling people that counseling and monitoring and understanding would help solve these crime issues. The "hugging class" refuses to accept the fact that some people are evil and don't care one bit about it.

The world is run by money, brute force and hot chicks... period. 

Criminal activity is accepted by our society now. You and I are told that we have to "watch out" and "don't leave valuables in your car" or "get an alarm system." When a crime victim comes out in many cases the victim is judged harsher than the criminal themselves. You will hear; "why were you in this neighborhood?" Why were you doing this or that? "You should have expected to be a victim" because the criminals are "going to be out there" so you should watch out. 

Chris Baker

Chris Baker

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