An Open Letter To President Trump

Dear President Trump,

 I heard you were looking for someone to replace James Comey to head the FBI. 

 Please don't listen to the media or the Washington snobs. Find an FBI Agent to nominate as the new head of the FBI. Please no more political ladder climbers getting "their next Government job." It's bad enough having to watch Hillary Clinton get away with criminal acts, then waddle all over TV calling Americans misogynist, stupid and hateful blaming her loss on the fact that she is a woman. Yes she is a woman, a nasty, lying, viscous woman who nobody likes. A woman who should be in jail and that's why she lost. 

 You have no idea how frustrating it is to see her waddling around free while average citizens would get jail time if they were to punch one of her myrmidons in the face. 

 Appoint a real FBI Patriot, an agent who will put America first. An agent who will not be intimidated by CAIR and the ACLU. Appoint an agent who relishes going after "really bad hombres" like the piece of trash who killed Sarah Root. Get an agent who loves disrupting terrorist networks, child traffickers and Mexican Cartels who are flooding this country with black tar heroin.

 Think of all those agents who would love to do things right and who will be demoralized if you pick some snob like Merrick Garland or a career politician like John Cornyn. Men like these are soft and worshipers of process who fear results, because results are what measures a man. You know that.

 That's why we voted for you. That's why Americans braved the spitting, the sucker punching, the vandalism, the poop throwing, the mace spraying, the traffic blocking and every violent beating that Hillary supporters and Soros paid goons threw at us.

 You said you were going to drain the swamp Mr President. Here's your chance to drain it right here and now. 

 You have two choices Mr President; pick a real FBI, experienced devoted criminal chasing bad ass and be the hero we want and need you to be... or pick some bumbling over educated and unqualified snob who ends up proving your critics right.

 Be the guy who said he'd "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN." Be the guy who said he would "DRAIN THE SWAMP."

Appoint a real life Raylon Givens.


Chris Baker

PS That sure was an awesome airplane, and tell Hope I said Hi! 


Chris Baker

Chris Baker

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