Unicameral Husker Chickens Run Away Again

The courageous Nebraska Unicameral ran like a bunch of scared children from passing a bill to bring voter ID to Nebraska. Protecting the sanctity of the vote is not nearly as important as cowering at the chance a bunch of race warlords would start screeching; "RACIST! RACIST! RACIST! All those psychics who are able to smear you by claiming that "white honky crackers" don't want "black people to vote" because white people have never supported candidates like, Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Tim Scott, JC Watts or Mia Love. 

You see, those are "bad black people" because they are Republicans.  They dared escape the Democrat Plantation. Thanks Unicameral, thanks for cowering like a bunch of children in the basement during tornado season. READ THE STORY HERE

Chris Baker

Chris Baker

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