Lincoln Correction Center Burns, Officer Attacked

The inmates are running the asylum. 

When it comes to crime many people don't see themselves ever being a victim so they don't care. It's like the health enthusiast who has a heart attack; "I can't believe I had a heart attack."

I'll use the words of NDOC Director Scott Frakes; "the affected unit houses individuals with multiple adult felony  incarcerations, who have violated parole, who are typically violent,  aggressive and/or predatory." 

Let's break this down; "individuals with multiple adult felony incarcerations." Putting them in prison and releasing them on parole or "good time" did nothing to change them; "who have violated parole." If or when they get out again why should anyone expect anything but a return to criminal behavior?

Think of this one; "who are typically violent." I love that! Typically violent, perfect! The dictionary defines "typical" as; "of a feature that helps to distinguish a person or thing." They are known to be violent, they love the reputation of being violent and it is accepted by the system that they are violent, yet they can get out with good time or parole. Saving money of course.

Last but not least; "aggressive and/or predatory." They are committed to the criminal life. They will do whatever it takes to get what they want, seek out criminal opportunities and enjoy it. The dictionary definition of "Predatory" is important; "living by or given to victimizing others for personal gain." 

In my opinion Nebraska's "Prison Reform" does nothing to deter criminal behavior, they just play the "mental health" card or say the "system failed" so we must release the vermin to save money then waste money on failed programs.

Still most people don't worry about these predators because the feel safe in their part of town. 

Andrea Kruger was Murdered at 168th and Fort. A woman minding her own business driving home late at night. A car load of evil people who were; aggressive and predatory, typically violent who violated parole found her.

This may not effect you now but if we stay on the current path it will get worse. More criminals will be on the streets, unafraid of the justice system, living the criminal life and possibly targeting you or someone close to you. They are not all killers, they are thieves, dope dealers, scam artist, robbers, pimps, burglars and a variety of predatory scum who can cost you a lot of anxiety, time and money.

Build another prison and make all prisons suck to live in. 

Maybe the "Unicameral" could quit wasting time debating motorcycle helmets every session or GLBT social engineering nonsense and take a lesson from the Iowa Legislature. They seem to get it

Chris Baker

Chris Baker

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